BEIT develops CMS system on Strapi

BEIT develops CMS system on Strapi

We are one of the few units in Vietnam to exhibit  STRAPI . We have access to new features before they are officially released, and as a proficient user, our feedback is sent directly to the STRAPI development team. We get discounts on permits and when in trouble. So far, we’ve dealt with everything we’ve encountered.

We organize official Vietnamese STRAPI meetups for interested people.

What is STRAPI?

STRAPI is one of the well-tuned tools we like to use. The friendly headless CMS in JavaScript simplifies many steps in building a custom API.

How does STRAPI help us and why do we like it?

Set up a project in minutes
Integrated user management, SSO, file sharing, email and more
Effective follow-up development, a system that extends existing plugins
Self-hosted – you can easily store it with you and in the cloud
User-friendly administration
Each piece of code can be modified without taking it apart
Rest API or GraphQL? STRAPI can do both
Open source, free and in JavaScript – same language for frontend and backend

Tailor-made development, transformation from an existing solution

In addition to training focused on  STRAPI , we can suggest a solution to you after  consultation  or advise you on what to avoid and what to watch out for. We have extensive experience in developing STRAPI CMS applications, and as a software development agency  we can of course also  make your intentions.

We know very well that not every project is a greenfield project. Our experience with graduating the existing site to STRAPI CMS is a big plus. In this way, for example, we helped move one of the largest travel portals in the Czech Republic.

Develop custom STRAPI solutions

In addition to the STRAPI experts, we have more than 25 groups of members who are able to:

  • Mobile Application Development (Kotlin and Swift)
  • Develop diverse mobile applications (React native)
  • Web Application Development (React/Next & Vue)
  • Server Development (Node.js)
  • Database Creation (PostgresSQL and MongoDB)
  • Hosting (AWS & HEROKU)
  • UI / UX / User Interface Testing
  • Project management
  • Product development
  • Support and SLA

We have a fast-paced type of collaboration with our clients, a 2-week sprint, transparent and open communication, and maximum engagement from both sides.

We have extensive experience with remote collaboration.

Open Source STRAPI Plugins

Content Versioning Plugin

✅ Allows content versioning in STRAPI v4
✅ You can have multiple draft versions
✅ Keep a history of all changes (with time travel)
✅ Allows you to have published and projected data different herbs

BEIT develops Strapi


Record the key plug

✅ This plugin provides data loss prevention when two users are editing the same record in STRAPI v4
✅ Only one user edits one record at a time
✅ Clearly shows you who is who another user is editing a record

BEIT strapi solution

Where else can we serve you?

Our projects in STRAPI run around the world from Japan, through Switzerland to the USA, but you can meet our developers who live in  Brno  and  Prague  .

We are a web and mobile application development agency based in Brno and Prague. Our expertise is in applications in JavaScript – React, ReactNative, Vue, Node and STRAPI (deployment partners), but we also know native mobile apps.

Whether you are in the Americas, Asia, Europe or Oceania and you need a reliable STRAPI partner, contact us, we will be happy to hear from you.


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