Beit signed a management project development contract with MyGym Vietnam

Beit signed a management project development contract with MyGym Vietnam

On November 25, 2022, the signing ceremony of the contract between Beit Technology Company and My Gym Vietnam Company. The signing ceremony was successful and successful.

The contract signed was held at 14h on 25/11/2022

Attending the signing ceremony were the Director of Beit Co., Ltd., Director of Mygym Vietnam and some staff. This is a management system project developed on web and app platforms. With a large total project investment, it is divided into many different stages. In which phase 1 is to implement the user management system and the website is developed and completed within 4 months.

Beit is honored to be a partner in the project development project of MyGym

Beit limited liability company participates in all stages of the development process: from design analysis system for construction and maintenance construction. Certainly, thanks to the application of the most modern technology combined with a team of professional IT staff with high professional qualifications. All will be equal to writing a complete product and help MyGym to optimize the maximum strength during the system operation.

Mr. Hoang Tung – Director of Mygym Vietnam Company (left), Mr. Lai Van Nghia – Director of Beit Co., Ltd. (right)

During the signing, the Director of Mygym said: This is a big project that is invested quite a lot in terms of modern technology and science. Hopefully, the cooperation with Beit will bring an extremely perfect economic solution to make the system operation become simple and easy to control. Especially will support in the case when Mygym will develop strongly in the future.

The signing ceremony of the contract took place successfully marking the opening of the cooperation between the two parties

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