BEIT Build website for VNAD company, specializing in leading steel structure

BEIT Build website for VNAD company, specializing in leading steel structure

With the trust of VNAD’s management team, BEIT has successfully built a website system : 
Vietnam Architectural Development Co., Ltd with decades of experience in steel structure industry, high-grade paints Dulux, Jotun. We provide our customers with the best solutions. VNAD has also provided domestic and foreign enterprises with all kinds of workshops with solid steel structure, with top quality paint materials for works from North to South.

BEIT has built for VNAD a professional website product that is highly appreciated by customers, BEIT is very grateful for the support from customers

With functions:

Introduce about the company:

Giới thiệu cty vnad


Product portfolio:


And many other online sales functions, with high-quality products, high-quality articles

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