BEIT.CMS – Business management software developed based on the Vtiger platform is a tool to help businesses optimize all aspects of business operations. With full integration of management tools, including customer management (CRM), project management and customer support management, Vtiger delivers a series of important benefits in business management.

I. System overview introduction

The software is a customer relationship management (CRM) application designed to help businesses better manage customer-related aspects, from marketing, customer service to sales management. In particular, impressive features help manage and assign tasks easily and quickly.

System login interface

II. Main functions of the software

BEIT.CMS allows users to perform customer and contact management, sales management, inventory management, scheduling and job management, reporting and analysis of all the above management operations. can be done in software. With its diversity and powerful integration of features, BEIT.CMS is a reliable solution for business management, helping you optimize performance and provide excellent service to customers.

1. Contact and customer management

Contact and customer management allows users to create contacts, manage customer transaction information, and manage customer security information on the system. Email integration allows you to manage client emails directly within the application, optimizing communication and enhancing communication between your business and customers. This also helps manage customer support services more effectively through ticketing systems and email integration.
– Create contacts and customers:

  • Users can easily create new contacts or customers in the system. They can enter information such as name, address, phone number, email, job position, and more.
  • Identify relationships: The system allows identifying relationships between contacts and customers, allowing users to track all important business relationships.
  • Save contact history: Vtiger CRM stores contact and interaction history with each contact or customer. This helps users better understand the interaction process with each customer.
  • Search and filtering: The system provides powerful search and filtering tools, allowing users to quickly find specific contacts or customers based on a variety of criteria, such as name, creation date, or relationship .
  • Manage contact groups: Contacts and customers can be organized into groups or lists, making management easier for users, especially in cases where emails or notifications need to be sent to a specific group.

– Manage transactions:

  • CRM software allows users to track business transactions with each customer. This includes creating and managing business opportunities, orders, contracts, and other transactions.
  • Track Transactions: Users can track the progress of each transaction, plan and track all transaction-related activities.
  • Transaction Reports: The system provides the ability to generate reports on transaction status, including profits, progress, and other factors related to sales.

– Email and Scheduling Integration:

  • Automatic Email: The software is also integrated allowing users to send and receive emails directly from the system. All email-related information is stored and linked to the respective contacts and transactions.
  • Activity scheduling: The system provides activity and meeting scheduling, helping users manage time and track important meetings and events.

– Customer management and analysis

  • Customer Analysis: CRM systems allow users to take notes and reviews related to each customer. This can help improve relationships and anticipate future customer needs.
  • Track guest activities: The system tracks customer activity across websites, mobile apps, and emails to provide additional information about their behavior.

– Security and access

  • Permissions management: The system allows administrators to manage access rights, ensuring that important and sensitive information is protected.
  • Data security: Besides, the system provides layers of security to ensure that customer and business data is always safe.

2. Sales management

With the sales management feature, users can easily track, manage and reach customers quickly and effectively.
– Business opportunity management:

  • Users can create new business opportunities for each potential or existing customer. Each opportunity is typically associated with a specific transaction or sales opportunity.
  • In addition, the system also allows tracking the progress of each opportunity, from the approaching stage to closing the deal.
  • In particular, the ability to predict future sales helps bring impressive efficiency. From there you can make your own business plans.

– Manage orders and contracts

  • With the sales management function, the system also allows users to create and manage orders and contracts with each customer. This includes creating purchase orders, confirming orders, and managing contract information.
  • Additionally, users can track the progress of orders and contracts, ensuring that all steps and requirements are completed on time.
  • Product Management: The system allows users to create and manage product listings, including price, description, and inventory information.
  • Reporting and analytics: The system allows users to generate reports related to sales activities, including sales, forecasts, and sales team performance. It also provides data analysis tools to better understand sales performance and business opportunities.

3. Warehouse management

With the number of products imported and exported for sale constantly changing throughout the day, without warehouse management software, it will cause an inability to control goods. With warehouse management features, BEIT.CMS software allows users to create and manage products, track inventory and manage purchase and sale transactions.

  • Create and manage products: CRM software allows you to create and manage product listings in your inventory. You can enter product information such as name, description, price, inventory quantity, and related information.
  • Inventory and inventory tracking: The system allows you to perform inventory and track the inventory quantity of each product. You can view information about inventory, sold items, and predict when to restock.
  • Manage purchase transactions: The software allows you to create and manage product purchase transactions, including orders, order confirmations, and related documents.

4. Schedule and manage tasks

Thanks to the scheduling feature, all your work can now be managed easily and effectively. You can:

  • Schedule tasks: You can schedule important activities, meetings, and events. Scheduling helps you manage your time and ensures that you don’t miss any work.
  • Task management: Vtiger CRM allows you to create and manage task lists to complete. You can set priorities, deadlines, and track work progress.
  • History lookup: The system stores work history and activities related to each customer or transaction. This helps you track interactions with customers and projects.
  • Assign jobs to members: The system allows you to assign jobs to members of the business. This helps shorten the working process, minimizes missing information, and affects work progress.

5. Reporting and analysis

It is one of the important functions that helps management level users grasp general information of the system. Below are details about this reporting and analysis function.

  • Create custom reports: CRM software provides custom report creation tools. You can set up reports based on a variety of criteria, such as sales volume, number of deals, and sales team performance.
  • Data analysis: The system provides data analysis capabilities to better understand business operations. You can track trends, predict sales, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Real-time reporting: CRM software allows you to create real-time reports and charts, helping you keep track of the latest events and data.


BEIT.CMS – business management solution based on the powerful platform of Vtiger software, helping businesses optimize the process of interacting with customers, making project management easier, building reports and analyzing Analyzing CRM data accurately helps businesses provide timely solutions for business development.
The software allows the ability to customize and expand system configuration according to individual needs to ensure complete compatibility with the business’s operating model. With its diversity and powerful integration of features, Vtiger is a reliable solution for business management, helping you optimize performance and provide excellent service to customers.

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