BEIT helps EI Group make a professional impression on customers through expert website design

BEIT helps EI Group make a professional impression on customers through expert website design

Designing websites for businesses and organizations, online presence is a crucial factor in attracting and impressing potential customers. In today’s digital world, a website plays a significant role in building a strong brand image and attracting a large customer base. EI Group, a company that has elevated its brand through an impressive new website interface by BEIT.

Some highlights about EI Group


EI Group is an Education and Investment conglomerate, providing global education, human resources, and immigration services in top developed countries such as Germany, the UK, Australia, the US, and Canada. Their message is to accompany young individuals and their families on their journey to fulfilling their dreams of becoming global citizens through education and development in the world’s leading economies.

About EI Group

With dedication and reliability, EI Group has established a strong and trustworthy brand image in the industry, continuously striving to create value for communities and society based on the following principles:

Mission: The noble mission of EI Group is to help the workforce in Vietnam and around the world find well-paying jobs, thereby transforming lives in countries ranked among the “Top 20 largest economies in the world.”

Vision: Always aiming for the vision of “The first choice for a new life,” EI Group is committed to innovation and enhancing the quality of services, surpassing the expectations of students and clients.

Areas of Operation

Currently, EI Group is known for contributing to the success and sustainable development of individuals and communities in the following areas:

  • Language training: German and English language courses.
  • Study abroad in Germany, Australia, the US, and Canada.
  • Settlement services.

The uniqueness in EI Group’s website design compared to other websites

BEIT’s website design for EI Group offers numerous outstanding advantages that set it apart from its competitors in the market. Below are the exceptional features that BEIT has brought to EI Group’s new appearance:

Professional and distinctive website design

Through a process of creativity and meticulous design, BEIT has provided EI Group with a harmonious overall look, user-friendly interface, easy interaction, and navigation, as follows:

Professional style in the design

  • The website features a simple and easy-to-follow structure. The header, menu, and main content are arranged clearly and attractively.
  • The main menu is positioned at the top of the website, facilitating smooth navigation and easy access to important sections.
  • The website reflects the professional and trustworthy style of EI Group through the appropriate use of the logo, font, and brand colors.

Optimizing user experience

Để đảm bảo khách hàng có trải nghiệm tốt và thoải mái khi sử dụng trang web của EI Group. BEIT đã tối ưu một số các yếu tố sau:

A professional and high-quality website that optimizes user experience

  • User-friendly and easy navigation: The website is designed with a clear and easy-to-follow structure. The main menu is prominently placed for easy access, allowing users to navigate through various pages and essential elements effortlessly.

  • Accurate and comprehensive information: The website provides complete information about EI Group’s areas of expertise. Subpages and menu items offer detailed information.

  • Consistency in user experience: The website’s interface maintains consistency throughout, from layout to colors and fonts. This creates a professional impression as users browse through different pages.

  • Page loading speed: The website loads quickly, enabling users to access and find information without significant waiting times.

Integration of advanced technology

Integrating advanced technology into the website enhances the user experience, improves functionality, and enhances the website’s performance. Some advanced technologies integrated by BEIT for EI Group’s website include:

A website optimized across all platforms

  • Responsive design: The website is optimized to be responsive on various devices, including desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. This enables users to access and interact with the website conveniently and seamlessly on their preferred devices.

  • Social media integration: The website incorporates icons and links to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok. This allows users to easily share content from the website and engage with EI Group’s social media channels.

  • Content Management System (CMS): The website can be built on a CMS like WordPress, enabling EI Group’s staff to manage and update website content easily without requiring in-depth technical knowledge.

  • Interactive User Interface (UI): The website utilizes advanced interactive user interfaces such as WebGL and CSS3 transitions, creating captivating effects and smooth interactions between users and the website.

Content and Images

Content and images play a crucial role in creating a professional, engaging, and impressive website for users. Factors to consider for optimization include high-quality content, SEO optimization, logical structure, sharp images, and branding. The design and content specialists at BEIT have collaborated to provide suitable content and images aligned with EI Group’s business areas, such as:

  • Homepage: The homepage is often the first page users see when visiting the website. It provides general information about the business and introduces its main services. Content is presented clearly and concisely, with short, easy-to-read sentences focused on essential information.
  • Relevant headings and subheadings aid users in scanning through content and finding the necessary information.
  • Information about EI Group’s company, mission, and vision is presented clearly, building the brand and fostering trust with customers.
  • News page: The news page is regularly updated with events, activities, or the latest information related to the business, maintaining the company’s image and increasing brand recognition.
  • Images: The use of images showcasing awards, students, customers, and partners reflects the company’s experiences and successes, attracting customers’ attention.

Homepage of EI Group

Compatibility and SEO Optimization

Compatibility and SEO optimization are two crucial factors in building and developing a successful website. Some essential factors that BEIT has optimized for EI Group are as follows:

SEO-Optimized Website

  • Multi-device and Operating System Compatibility: The website is optimized to display and function seamlessly across various devices, such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. This provides users with the best and most convenient experience regardless of the device they use.

  • Internal Linking: Creating internal links between pages within the website helps search engines understand the site’s structure and link related pages together.

  • XML Sitemap: The XML sitemap aids search engines in efficiently understanding and indexing the website, thereby improving its visibility in search results and SEO optimization.

  • SEO Optimization: Providing high-quality, relevant, and informative content related to EI Group’s areas of expertise. Using primary and related keywords naturally within the content improves the website’s appearance in search results.

  • Analysis and Optimization: Utilizing web analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track the website’s performance and optimize SEO factors based on data.

Brief Introduction to BEIT Company

BEIT is a leading company in Vietnam specializing in developing advanced technology solutions in web design for e-commerce and introduction, management software, mobile applications, and outsourcing projects. The company focuses on providing high-tech solutions and services to meet customer needs. BEIT has a team of experienced technical experts with profound knowledge in the IT field, helping customers optimize business efficiency and enhance market competitiveness.

Overview of Services at BEIT

BEIT is a technology company providing solutions and services to support businesses in enhancing performance and flexibility in their operations. Below is an overview of the services BEIT currently offers:

Development of E-commerce and Corporate Website Design

BEIT offers and develops two popular types of websites:

  1. E-commerce Website Design: Created with the main goal of facilitating online business and sales. These websites are designed to enable smooth and secure online transactions.

  2. Corporate Website Design: Built with the objective of showcasing information about the company, organization, services, or products offered by the business.

Our focus is on providing a consistent process for all customers, starting from initial consultation, project execution, to monitoring and evaluating results.

Throughout the project execution, BEIT ensures full and high-quality support to customers, aiming to deliver exceptional results and meet specific requirements for each industry and project.

Mobile APP Development on iOS and Android Platforms

In addition to website design, BEIT also specializes in developing mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. Leveraging advanced technologies such as Flutter, React Native, MOBI Native iOS, and MOBI Native Android, we create engaging and efficient mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, and tablets.

With high-quality mobile applications, businesses can quickly reach and engage with users and potential customers, optimizing their business processes and interactions with the target audience.

Software Management Solutions

BEIT provides software management services tailored for businesses and public service organizations. These solutions help manage data, streamline processes, allocate resources, track tasks, generate reports, and perform analysis efficiently.

Our team is committed to delivering maximum efficiency by focusing on developing software on the best available platforms in the market.

Achievements of BEIT

BEIT has successfully developed hundreds of E-commerce projects, both large and small, for clients both domestically and internationally. We have experience working with popular platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, from store setup to overall website optimization, providing the best customer experience for online stores.

Our mobile app development platform utilizes the latest technologies, supporting optimal performance and user experience. The use of technologies such as Flutter, React Native, MOBI Native iOS, and MOBI Native Android ensures efficient and up-to-date solutions for our clients.

Working Principles

At BEIT, we have established principles and standards to evaluate, review, and choose collaborations during the work process. We always prioritize customer satisfaction and commitment to delivering value to our clients through the following criteria:

  1. Customer-centric approach: We understand the importance of our customers and always prioritize their needs, striving to provide the best possible experience while collaborating with BEIT.

  2. Professional team: With a highly experienced team, we pride ourselves on offering flexible and tailored solutions that meet the needs, expectations, and budgets of our customers. Our expertise and knowledge of various industries and cutting-edge technologies enable us to provide high-quality and advanced solutions.

  3. Dedicated and passionate team: Our project management team operates with dedication and passion, ensuring that projects run smoothly and deliver the best results for our client’s products. We are committed to supporting clients throughout the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation stages, ensuring that all requirements and objectives are achieved professionally and efficiently.

BEIT’s Website Design Process?

To create a website, BEIT follows the following processes:

Customer Needs Assessment

We meet and discuss with the customer to understand their requirements thoroughly. We carefully listen to all the needs and desires of the customer, ensuring that the website design perfectly aligns with their business objectives and fulfills the company’s maximum needs.

Development of the Website

After determining the key features and interface based on the customer’s survey and needs, BEIT provides a detailed quotation for each project’s scope and specific requirements.

Custom Website Design

Upon agreeing on the price and signing a mutually accepted contract with the customer, outlining the terms, schedule, and website plan, BEIT proceeds with the following steps:

  • Creating Mockups: We start designing the website’s interface by creating mockups, which are preliminary summaries of the interface, layout, colors, images, etc. The mockups are sent to the customer for review and adjustment (if necessary) before moving on to a detailed design.
  • Implementing the Design: After obtaining approval on the mockups, BEIT continues with the official implementation of the website design based on the confirmed mockups to construct the main pages of the website.
  • Coding Phase: Our team of programmers proceeds with coding and developing specific functions of the website, adhering to programming standards and fulfilling all requirements.
  • Quality Testing: We conduct thorough testing of all features and functions to identify and promptly fix any issues, ensuring that the website performs optimally across different devices and browsers, with fast page load times and a user-friendly interface.
  • Delivery and User Guidance: Once the website is complete, BEIT hands it over to the customer along with detailed usage instructions. We provide support to ensure that the customer is proficient in managing and updating website content effectively.

Clear and Professional Working Process

The implementation process ensures that custom web design projects are carried out professionally, meeting business objectives, and providing the best value for customers.

For Custom Website Design (using existing themes)

Similar to custom website design, after finalizing the price and signing the contract, BEIT proceeds with the following steps:

  • Coding: BEIT develops the website based on available themes. Our team of programmers customizes and utilizes the theme to fulfill all customer requirements and preferences.
  • Quality Testing: After completion, the website undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure smooth operation and no errors.
  • Delivery and User Guidance: Next, we hand over the website to the customer along with detailed instructions for effective content management and updates.

Using themes for custom websites helps save design time and reduce costs compared to fully custom designs. However, BEIT remains committed to providing a high-quality, professional website that meets all customer requirements. The implementation process is carried out meticulously to ensure that the website aligns with business objectives and brings optimal results for your business.

Benefits of Choosing BEIT’s Website Design Service

Choosing BEIT’s website design service offers numerous outstanding benefits, providing you with a high-quality, efficient website that meets your business needs:

Professional Style

  • Partnering with BEIT for website design allows you to benefit from the creativity and finesse of our professional design team.
  • We promise to create a unique, fully customized website that captures the attention of customers and delivers maximum business impact.
  • With over 12 years of experience, BEIT stands as one of the longest-standing web design companies, boasting solid expertise and a passion for web design that sets us apart from competitors.
  • We not only possess the experience but also focus on learning and adapting to the latest industry standards, showcasing innovation, and readiness to meet diverse customer requirements.

Beautiful and Customized Design

  • BEIT has collaborated with hundreds of customers from various industries, including manufacturing, e-commerce, healthcare, and many others.
  • We create visually appealing and custom websites, listening to feedback and proposing appropriate solutions to reflect your business’s style and value.
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and this commitment has helped us build an excellent reputation.

Security (HTTPS)

  • BEIT adheres to the highest standards in website design, ensuring that your website is of high quality and operates reliably.
  • It meets the requirements for securing personal information, enhancing credibility, and trustworthiness, improving SEO, website ranking, preventing attacks, dynamic coding and ensuring compatibility on various mobile devices.

Creative Content

  • High-quality and creative content are crucial elements in a successful website. Our design and content specialists work together to create engaging content that resonates with your target audience and effectively conveys your business’s message.
  • The content includes compelling headlines, product/service descriptions, attractive promotions, and SEO-optimized content to attract a large number of visitors from search engines.

User Experience Optimization

  • BEIT focuses on optimizing user experience on your website.
  • This includes designing a user-friendly interface, fast page loading speed, and improving interactivity to facilitate easy information retrieval and navigation.
  • We ensure that your website is responsive, meaning it is compatible with various devices and screen sizes, providing the best user experience, whether accessed from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.


The collaboration to complete the website between BEIT and EI Group has resulted in a completely new brand identity, contributing numerous outstanding benefits to EI, enhancing the brand’s stature, and promoting the sustainable development of the EI Education and Investment Group globally.

If you are interested in owning an impressive and high-quality website for your business, contact BEIT today to explore the services and solutions we provide.

For more information on BEIT’s products, please visit our website.

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