BEIT xây dựng website bán hàng

BEIT xây dựng website bán hàng

Benhandmade is built by BEIT. We always want to create trust for customers. Benhandmade is the leading website for handmade products in the world and the US market. Thank you for supporting us 

Making the difference

We feel honored to come to work every day and create a product that has a direct and very real impact on the lives of thousands of people. We certainly do not take that lightly.

We feel proud of what we have achieved so far, and encouraged by the fact that this is just the beginning.

We are supported by the best people

We couldn’t have picked a better investor than AC Moore – a large arts and crafts retailer with more than 130 stores across the United States. They are a family run business that has a big heart for the maker community. We especially like how our corporate values ​​are perfectly aligned and are excited about the grand plans we have to bring value to an industry we are both very passionate about. Visit A.C. Moore.

Our own journey started in 2012, when we launched the Benhandmade Marketplace. Our mission is the same as it is today – to help innovative entrepreneurs sell more. Over the years, as we’ve seen new markets spring up, it’s become clear to us that if we are to truly achieve our mission, we must provide sellers with an easy way to take advantage. take advantage of this industry change. With the ability to sell from anywhere and manage everything from one place, sellers can get their products to more customers and have the best chance of success.

Website Benhandmade do BEIT xây dựng

Benhandmade website built by BEIT


BEIT Build a website system specializing in selling high-end watches

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