Enhance your website with BEIT’s professional custom services

Enhance your website with BEIT’s professional custom services

A professional and impressive custom website design is essential to showcase the uniqueness and professionalism of Mau Hien Vet. Discover the difference and make an impactful impression with Mau Hien Vet’s website.

Establishing an online brand presence through website development presents a fantastic opportunity to build a professional and reputable brand image. A high-quality website from BEIT has helped Mau Hien Vet enhance its reach, interact with customers, attract target audiences, and boost sales. This success is achieved through the use of their custom website services.

Intrоduction about MauHienVet

The success of Mau Hien Veterinary Medicine Agency has been a journey filled with accomplishments, driven by close collaboration with leading companies in the field of veterinary medicine, aquaculture drugs, and internationally recognized GMP-WHO standard vaccines, as well as other livestock farming tools. Through dedication and wholehearted commitment, Mau Hien has established reliable relationships with over 60 major suppliers both in Vietnam and around the world.

Mau Hien Veterinary Medicine Agency is now more professional with its new website.

Business Activities

We take pride in providing the highest quality healthcare solutions and boast a team of experienced, highly skilled veterinarians who are always ready to offer dedicated advice. Currently, Mau Hien engages in the following business areas:

  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Aquaculture Drugs
  • Supply of Domestic and Imported Vaccines
  • Livestock Feed Supply
  • Distribution of Equipment and Tools for Livestock Farming
  • Surgical Consultations

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Formed and developed with passion, Mau Hien continuously strives to become a leading entity in the veterinary healthcare industry and offers comprehensive solutions in livestock farming through:

Mission: Creating the highest value for customers by providing top-notch products and establishing strategic partnerships with industry-leading companies. With our ideal goal of “Shared trust, a steadfast future,” Mau Hien is always ready to accompany customers on their journey of sustainable development.


To be the foremost symbol of trust for Vietnamese livestock farmers. Mau Hien is committed to closely supporting and assisting livestock farmers in building a flourishing and sustainable livestock industry. This vision goes beyond business development and providing high-quality products; it also includes sharing knowledge, capacity building, and contributing actively to the prosperity of the livestock community and the nation.

Core Values

  1. Integrity in Action: We always act with honesty, and reliability, and uphold ethical principles.
  2. Customer-Centric: Our customers come first, and we wholeheartedly serve and care for them.
  3. Innovate to Differentiate: We constantly seek innovative ways to provide distinct and effective solutions.
  4. Quality Focus: We prioritize product and service quality, continuously improving to meet customer trust.
  5. Collaborate for Growth: We believe in the importance of cooperation and connections, to grow and succeed together.
  6. Ethical and Grateful: We consistently adhere to ethics and express gratitude for contributions and support from customers and partners.

The importance of the website for Mau Hien

The importance of the website for Mau Hien can be highlighted in various aspects

Expanding Customer Reach

The website allows Mau Hien to access not only the local market but also nationwide. This opens up significant business opportunities, including:

  • Reaching new customer segments: By enhancing online presence through the website, online advertising, and other digital activities, Mau Hien can reach a broader audience, expand the consumer market, and create new sales opportunities.
  • Building brand and trust: A professional and modern website, along with excellent customer care and responsiveness, helps Mau Hien build a strong brand and establish trust with customers. This fosters confidence in new customers and encourages them to choose Mau Hien as their partner.

Introducing and Promoting Products

  • Creating brand awareness: By introducing and promoting Mau Hien’s products, the business can build awareness and understanding of the brand in the community and the market. This helps create a positive and reliable reputation for the brand.
  • Attracting potential customers: When presenting high-quality and appealing products, Mau Hien attracts the interest of potential customers. Engaging and professional product promotion allows customers to learn and understand the values that the products bring.
  • Increasing sales: Effective dissemination of product information, along with showcasing the value and benefits of the products, provides Mau Hien with the opportunity to increase sales and revenue.
  • Market competitiveness: Proper product promotion helps Mau Hien compete effectively in today’s competitive market. Enhancing brand recognition and establishing a distinct position helps the business attract customers and gain an edge over competitors.

Providing detailed and useful product information

Offering detailed and useful information: The availability of detailed and useful information helps customers better understand the products and the benefits they provide. This information serves as motivation and builds confidence for customers to make purchasing decisions.

The website brings convenience in exploring product information

  • Providing reviews, comments, and feedback from customers who have used the product helps build trust and reliability for the product. These reviews give customers a realistic view and assessment of the product’s quality and effectiveness.
  • Guidelines for using and preserving the product help customers utilize the product efficiently and sustainably. This enhances satisfaction and prevents issues related to improper usage or storage.
  • Detailed information about warranty policies, returns, customer support, and other after-sales services reassures customers and provides peace of mind when making purchases. This contributes to establishing long-term and loyal customer relationships.

To develop the website for Mau Hien, BEIT follows the following process

Firstly, BEIT organizes a meeting with Mau Hien to conduct discussions and survey the customer’s needs. During this meeting, we commit to attentively listening to all requirements and desires of the customer. We understand that creating a perfect website is crucial, so we focus on developing a website that aligns with Mau Hien’s business objectives and meets the company’s needs to the fullest.

After the initial meeting, we proceed to plan out the specific and detailed functionalities of the website. This process is conducted meticulously and carefully to ensure a comprehensive understanding of Mau Hien’s business goals and requirements.

Next, Mau Hien chooses a custom website design (customized based on an existing theme). We also discuss the user interface and overall user experience to ensure a logically designed and user-friendly website. Subsequently, BEIT initiates the implementation process, comprising the following steps:

Custom Website Development in a Professional Process

  • Code: BEIT undertakes the website development based on the pre-selected theme chosen by Mau Hien. Our team of programmers will customize and utilize the theme to fully meet the customer’s requirements and preferences.
  • Quality Check: We perform thorough testing of all features and functionalities to identify and promptly fix any issues, ensuring the website performs well on various mobile devices and different browsers. We also prioritize fast page loading speeds, user-friendliness, and smooth operation.
  • Handover and User Guidance: Upon completion, BEIT will hand over the website to Mau Hien along with detailed user guidance. We will support the customer to master website content management and updates effectively.

Utilizing a custom website with a pre-selected theme helps save time in design and reduces costs compared to fully custom-made websites. However, BEIT remains committed to delivering a high-quality, professional website that fully meets the customer’s requirements. The deployment and development process is carried out meticulously to ensure the website aligns with the business objectives and brings the best possible results for your company.

About Mau Hien Website

The Mau Hien website is built on the Flatsome theme, which is recognized as the number one theme for E-Commerce websites. While it is a custom website based on an existing theme, it not only provides benefits in terms of time and cost-saving but also offers a plethora of exciting and engaging experiences for users.

The Elegance in User Interface (UI) Design

When designing the User Interface (UI) for the Mau Hien website, BEIT has incorporated several crucial elements:

Mau Hien’s Professional and User-Friendly Website

  • The Mau Hien website boasts a simple, clear, and user-friendly interface that allows seamless interaction for users. Information is organized and presented in a concise and logical manner, facilitating quick access to essential details.
  • The carefully chosen color scheme maintains brand consistency, offering a visually appealing and professional aesthetic. Highlighted colors draw attention to critical elements and maintain a balanced interface.
  • To ensure easy readability and visual appeal, there is sufficient contrast between text and background. A single, easy-to-read font is consistently used throughout the website, complementing its style.
  • BEIT integrates appropriate effects, responsive design, and user-friendly interfaces to create engaging interactions for users. Consistency in style and design leaves a lasting impression on users, reinforcing brand identity.

User Experience (UX) Optimization

Throughout the design and development process, BEIT prioritizes user experience. Extensive analysis and research of the target audience enable the creation of design solutions tailored to Mau Hien’s needs.

  • The website’s user-friendly interface facilitates easy information retrieval, issue resolution, and effortless goal attainment for users.
  • Simplified interaction processes allow users to perform tasks naturally and efficiently.
  • Engaging and interactive elements on the website encourage users to stay longer, increasing the likelihood of conversion into customers.
  • Website speed, device interaction, and content prioritization are optimized to deliver a positive user experience, instilling trust and leaving a positive impression on Mau Hien’s visitors, thereby promoting business growth and brand development.

Custom Website Design – Meeting Mau Hien’s Needs

BEIT has integrated multiple features and functionalities as requested by Mau Hien, including:

  • Responsive across various devices: The website automatically adjusts its interface to suit multiple screen sizes and device characteristics, offering users the best experience across various devices such as laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.
  • CMS integration, online store, clickable images, and social media integration are included.
  • SEO optimization: The website is optimized for search engines (SEO) to enhance the discoverability and visibility of Mau Hien on the internet.
  • Customer support: BEIT provides post-development customer support, remaining available to assist Mau Hien when needed.

BEIT’s Vision and Commitment

BEIT delivers advanced design and development solutions, catering to every requirement and business goal of even the most demanding clients.

Vision for High-Quality Website Development

Our high-quality website development entails:

  • Understanding Client Needs: We engage in extensive discussions and meetings to comprehend our clients’ business goals and requirements, actively listening and empathizing with their needs.
  • Sleek and Professional Design: We craft elegant and professional user interfaces (UI) that ensure aesthetic appeal, user-friendliness, and engagement.
  • Enhanced User Experience (UX): Our focus lies in improving user experience (UX) through intuitive interfaces, swift page load speeds, and captivating interactions.
  • SEO Optimization: We optimize websites to improve their search engine ranking, ensuring higher visibility and increased web traffic for our clients.
  • Integration of Advanced Features: We integrate advanced functionalities such as Content Management Systems (CMS), e-commerce interfaces, multimedia integration, and more, all serving our clients’ business objectives.
  • Compatibility and Testing: We ensure that websites are responsive and perform flawlessly across all browsers and devices by conducting rigorous testing.

Commitment to Meeting Client Goals and Expectations

With our experienced technical team:

  • Listening to Needs: BEIT organizes meetings and consultations to fully comprehend our clients’ business objectives and specific requirements.
  • Custom Design and Optimization: We create tailor-made design solutions to perfectly align the website with our clients’ business goals and brand. Additionally, we optimize the website for peak performance and improved SEO.
  • Ensuring Reliability: BEIT is committed to delivering reliable and stable websites, guaranteeing smooth and trouble-free operations.
  • Time and Plan Compliance: We adhere to plans and timelines, ensuring project completion on schedule and in accordance with our clients’ demands.
  • Support and Training: We provide essential support and training to enable our clients to efficiently manage and operate their websites after deployment.
  • Cost Optimization: Our promise is to deliver cost-effective solutions, ensuring our clients receive the best value for their investment.
  • Continuous Support: We assure our clients that we are always available to support them throughout the website development process and beyond.

Conclusion: An Overview of BEIT and Mauhienvet

BEIT takes pride in being a dedicated partner in the development of Mậu Hiên’s website, utilizing the custom Flatsome theme and collaborating closely with the client’s feedback and requirements. The website has been comprehensively optimized to ensure a seamless user experience across all devices. The user interface is thoughtfully designed, maintaining a professional and sophisticated look that aligns perfectly with Mậu Hiên’s business objectives.

If you are interested in owning an impressive and high-quality website for your business, do not hesitate to contact BEIT today to explore the services and solutions we offer.

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