How Did BEIT Create an Impressive Travel Website for Vittravel?

How Did BEIT Create an Impressive Travel Website for Vittravel?

In the age of digitalization, websites have become an important tool for tourism businesses. Not only does it help visitors easily find information and book services, but it is also an opportunity for businesses to build strong brands, advertise and attract customers. VITTRAVEL has believed in the professionalism and quality of each website that BEIT brings, to accompany VITTRAVEL to create a classy, ​​impressive travel website, surpassing the competition and attracting millions of customers worldwide. nationwide.

Some details about VITTRAVEL

VITTRAVEL is a company providing domestic and foreign tours, cruise tours and transportation services when traveling, with the vision of becoming a pioneer company in the tourism industry. And the mission is to bring customers top quality service, satisfaction and peace of mind in every user experience.

Business philosophy

  • Creativity, quality, dedication
  • Creativity in work, quality in products, dedication in customer care
  • Satisfied customers, respectful employees, peace of mind partners


VITTRAVEL’s vision is to be more than just a travel company; VITTRAVEL aspires to become a pioneer


At VITTRAVEL, our mission is to ignite a passion for travel in every traveler and lead them on a transformative journey of discovery. We believe that travel is more than just visiting places; it’s about embracing the spirit of adventure, embracing new cultures, and fostering meaningful connections with the world around us. Through our carefully accumulated experiences, we aim to instill a sense of curiosity and appreciation for the diverse tapestry of our planet.

Impressive right from the first experience for customers with the website designed by BEIT

The website built by BEIT is not simply an advertising tool, but also a platform for VITTRAVEL to interact and connect with customers through travel articles, destination guides, and updates. Update on tourism news. This has made the VITTRAVEL brand become closer and more professional in the eyes of customers.

Impressive interface, overall harmony with logo colors

The website’s interface is not only beautiful but also overall in harmony with VITTRAVEL’s brand identity colors. This color not only creates a strong highlight but also shows an impression similar to the overall website and the company’s unique style. The perfect combination of interface design and logo color has helped VITTRAVEL’s website stand out, attract and score points in the eyes of millions of customers across the country.

  • The website has a simple and easy to follow structure. Titles, menus and main content are clearly arranged and easy to see.
  • The main menu is located at the top of the website, making it easy for users to navigate and access important sections.
  • The website demonstrates VITTRAVEL’s professional and trustworthy style through the use of similar and consistent logos, fonts and brand colors.
  • Providing accurate and complete information: The website provides complete information about VITTRAVEL tours. Subpages and menu items provide detailed information.
  • Ensure consistency in experience: The website interface is consistent across the entire website, from layout to colors and fonts. This helps users feel professional when browsing through pages.
  • Page loading speed: Websites load quickly, helping users access and find information quickly without having to wait long.

Integrating advanced technology

Integrating advanced technologies into websites helps enhance user experience, improve website features and performance. Advanced technologies BEIT has integrated into VITTRAVEL’s website:

  • Responsive design: The website has been optimized to be responsive across a variety of devices, including desktops, mobiles, and tablets. This allows users to access and interact with the website in the best and most convenient way on their devices.
  • Social Network Integration: The website has integrated icons and links to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok. This allows users to easily share content from the website and interact with VITTRAVEL’s social media channels.
  • Content Management System: The website can be built on a WordPress content management system. This allows VitTravel staff to manage and update website content easily and without the need for deep technical knowledge.
  • Interactive User Interface (UI) Integration: The website uses advanced interactive user interfaces such as WebGL, CSS3 transitions. This helps create attractive effects and smooth interactions between the user and the website.

The content and images of the website are modern and detailed

The content and visuals of a modern website are crucial to user experience and its ability to make a strong impression. Detail and care to every moment is what modern websites are all about.

Factors to consider for optimization include quality content, SEO optimization, logical structure, sharp images and branding.

BEIT’s content and designers have combined and unified to produce content and images suitable for VITTRAVEL’s existing tours, thereby creating a close, friendly and extremely friendly experience. effective.

Cross-device and operating system compatibility: This is important to ensure that your website displays and performs well on all types of devices and operating systems. This facilitates user experience and improves page load speed.

SEO compatibility

  • Internal linking: Creating internal links between pages within a website helps search engines understand the structure of the website and link related pages together. This improves the findability of subpages and optimizes the delivery of SEO value within the site.
  • XML sitemap: Creating an XML sitemap helps search engines understand and index your website more effectively. This helps ensure that all important pages are published and reviewed, thereby improving the site’s appearance in search results.
  • SEO optimization: Provide quality content related to the company’s field of operation. Using primary and related keywords naturally in your content improves search visibility. Make sure the title, meta tags, and content share real value for users.
  • Analytics and optimization: Use web analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track website performance. Based on the data collected, you can optimize SEO factors, identify weaknesses, and improve your online marketing strategy.


The cooperation with BEIT has helped VITTRAVEL build a high-quality travel website, promote business development and create a strong mark on the market. This not only benefits businesses but also brings a great experience for customers in researching tours on the website.

It can be seen that a professional and impressive website helps VITTRAVEL affirm its position and brand as well as be more confident in introducing itself to customers and partners. This helps increase conversion rates as well as successfully connect with customers.

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