The real estate management system is developed by BEIT on the nestjs and nextjs platforms for the frontend and backend along with the postgreSQL database management system for the database. The system helps users manage content, allowing multiple contributors to create, edit and publish. Content in the system is typically stored in a database and displayed in a presentation layer based on a set of templates such as a web page.


A real estate management system is a software tool or online platform designed to store and manage content on a website or online application. The system was developed by BEIT for G18 partners to manage users buying and selling real estate on the floor, helping G18 partners easily manage customer information and content posted on the website.


System functions play an important role in managing, controlling, and optimizing activities within the system. The real estate closing website system allows users to operate the functions of user management, posting news, depositing money into accounts, managing accounts and managing information in the system. Below are details of the system’s functions:

1. Manage real estate listings

  • Posting news: The system allows storing and managing detailed information about real estate news that needs to be posted on the website, including landlord name information, phone number, type of real estate for sale/rent, etc. Filter search by information fields to help users easily search. The editing feature helps users easily update accurate information. At the same time, the features of viewing history, viewing notes, viewing shared lists, viewing lists and auction lists are also integrated in the system. This helps customer service staff access important information quickly, effectively and easily perform customer care.
  • Public news: the system allows managers to manage news on their website by allowing them to select which real estate news is eligible to be published on the website, while the deletion feature helps users clean up spam news from their website. system.
    Import excel: the import feature allows users to quickly upload real estate information excel files to the system without having to enter data too many times.

2. Account management

With the system account management function, users can store and add new accounts by entering all information fields including full name, email, user role, operating platform, etc.

In addition, the password editing and changing feature is easy to update and quick, and the account locking feature is also integrated in the system to help users lock accounts according to customer requirements. when you notice something unusual about your account.

Search filters based on information fields help managers easily find account information. This helps managers easily access and update user information conveniently.

3. Floor management

The system allows storing, creating and managing information about exchanges. Besides, editing and updating features are easy and fast. Search information about exchanges conveniently by information fields. This makes it easy to see the development and scale expansion according to each stage of operation.

The floors on the system will be linked together through the system’s floor management. When users post news on different exchanges, the posting information on the exchanges will be updated in the real estate system. When users search, schedule and contact… on the exchanges, information related to the customer’s search, booking, contact… will be displayed on the software system that other exchanges do not. visible. The system will directly manage information related to customers. This is the connection between floors created in the system.

4. Project management

Real estate projects will be managed on the system, helping managers easily manage real estate projects that are being developed or projects that are about to be implemented and have a need to sell or lease. rent, and at the same time manage information about auctions and house viewings for customers in need.

  • Project management: Similar to the floor management function, project management allows storing, creating and managing information about real estate projects that are in need of sale and rental. The ability to easily edit and update information, and search for project information by investor and project name helps managers conveniently complete the search.
  • Auction and home viewing: the system stores user auction posting information and customer home viewing contact information. Allows users to export excel files according to information code, project, request type and request date.

5. Manage real estate listings

Managing real estate listings in the system will include listing fee management, package management, customer purchase package management and finally management of real estate listings on the floor.

  • Management of posting fees: fees for each packet and other fees will be saved and managed easily on the system. The system provides search features through information fields such as fee name, fee type and package. The quick editing feature helps users easily update and change information about fees.
  • Package management: the system allows creating and managing new posting packages on the system, the list of posting fees and prices of each type of fee for each package will be different. Besides, the packet editing feature is convenient and easy, and the system also integrates a feature that allows turning off packet activity and not allowing packets to be displayed on the website system when needed.
  • Manage customer purchase packages: purchased customer packages will be stored and displayed in the system, managers can easily manage the packages purchased by customers, and their payment status. purchase package, subscription time to purchase the package and package expiration time. Besides, the Excel file export feature based on the conditions of full name, customer ID, order status, and time helps users to easily download files and synthesize information.
  • Posting management: the system allows storing and managing all customer postings, the ability to approve and cancel postings will be implemented in the system. The approval feature allows news waiting to be approved to be displayed on the website screen and cancels posting when news that is not eligible to be displayed.

6. Transaction management

With the transaction management function, the system helps managers easily manage deposit packages, transactions in the system and manage and control transactions made.

  • Management of recharge packages: The system allows storing and managing customer recharge packages, in addition, features easy and quick editing and updating.
  • Transaction management: Transaction history when depositing money into your account and paying fees will be managed and displayed here. Managers can export excel files according to filter conditions such as full name, status, transaction type, transaction code and time. This allows managers to track financial transactions that have taken place, ensure the accuracy of information and easily synthesize data.
  • Control management: in this control management section, the system will manage and control deposit transactions through VNpay, to ensure that customer transactions are carried out successfully and the transaction is saved in the system. system. The system allows exporting excel files according to status conditions and payment date. By implementing strict reconciliation management, managers can detect and resolve errors, mismatches, or system errors promptly. This helps increase system reliability, improve workflow, and ensure that all operations occur properly.

7. Decentralized management

With the decentralized management function in the system, the manager will assign work and functions that each user role can perform in the system, adjusting the access rights of each user based on the role. or their mission. This ensures that users only have access and perform functions appropriate to their role, while helping to protect critical information and comply with data security and access regulations. personal data. The decentralization function in the system supports user management, activity logging and adjustment of access rights when necessary, helping to ensure smooth and safe operation of the system.


A real estate management system is not simply an information management tool but also a powerful set of tools to help G18 partners manage, monitor and optimize real estate transactions effectively. fruit.

The system provides flexibility, security, comprehensiveness and the ability to quickly customize information. With the continuous development of the real estate market and increasingly fierce competition, the use of a system is a decisive factor in the success of organizations and individuals in this field. The system helps optimize work processes, reduce errors, and create a better experience for customers.

Finally, investing in a real estate management system is not only a smart decision but also a valuable step for G18, ensuring that G18 always has effective control and management in the real estate sector. Challenging real estate. And from here, we at BEIT hope that this information will help you better understand the importance of systems in the real estate sector and provide you with a more detailed view of the benefits and opportunities. that it brings.

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