BEIT has successfully built and developed training management system software for partner Mygym, supporting student management and operating system administration of My Gym – America’s leading brand in fitness training. Physical education for young children. The system brings the best efficiency in the management process between the center – students – parents.


Mygym system management software is an extremely impressive training system management tool with many breakthroughs from interface to features. Through the use of software, every department in the business from management, department staff, teachers, and parents can work together to bring effective and consistent quality. In particular, the integration of diverse features covers all processes from customer outreach, collection and management, order management, student management, teaching, scheduling, finance and more. again. All bring convenience and help businesses save maximum time and costs.

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Image of Mygym training management system

Mygym’s functional departments will be linked together through the system, from Marketing searching for orders, moving to Sales department contacting to close orders, then to Accounting department confirming payment or activity from customers. Customers converting to parents or other activities of staff, teachers… will all be performed and closely linked together on the system, making it easy for Mygym to monitor and manage.

The Marketing Department will create an Embed Form with the necessary information fields for collecting information, attach it to the Landing Page and run the campaign in the Campaign Management section.

After collecting customer information, the Marketing department will transfer it to the Sales department to perform the task. Sales staff can directly enter customer information in the Order Management section, or create an import excel file. directly in the Data Configuration section without needing to enter customers multiple times.

When a customer makes payment for an order, a notification will be sent to the Accounting department to confirm payment, when Accounting creates a sales invoice for the order, the order status will be in the Order Management section. will automatically be updated accordingly.

Customers will be converted into parents after sales updates orders for customers. Then in the list of newly added parents will appear customer information. When selecting a customer, the previous information when creating an order will be automatically filled into the system, next the user will only need to enter Your child’s information is entered into the fields and saved. At this time, parents and students will be created and saved in the system at the same time. After successfully creating a child, users can perform child-related tasks such as adding classes, adding school schedules for the child, etc. All necessary activities of the center will be performed and recorded in history on the system.


Mygym system management software provides a series of functions to effectively manage and interact between objects in the system. The operating processes are extremely logical, and the dynamic decentralization system makes it easy to adjust and evaluate prices.

Main functions of the system

1. Human resource management

With human resource management function:

  • The system allows storing and managing information about branches and departments within the organization. Besides, editing and updating features are easy and fast. Search for department and branch information conveniently by information fields. This makes it easy to see the development and scale expansion according to each stage of operation.
  • Employee information will be stored and managed easily. The system provides search features through information fields such as name, address, phone number, email, job location, and start time. In addition, the filtering feature by birth month helps select employees with birthdays in the month. This helps organizations easily access and update employee information at their convenience.
  • The activity history of users on the system is also saved. From there, it is easy to monitor the operating status, operation history, and updates on the system of each user.

2. Sale – marketing

Sale – marketing as one of the extremely important functions of the system, sales marketing provides a complete process from approaching and taking care of customers to closing orders and managing debt. Every stage in the process is extremely transparent and clear so that the organization has the most overview and can evaluate the performance of each step in the process. This is extremely important to help detect and promptly correct problems within the organization. From there, optimization helps the organization’s operations become increasingly effective.

With the sales – marketing management function, organizations can:

  • Customer management: The software allows storing and managing detailed information about customers, including name, address, phone number, email address, purchase history and previous interactions. This helps sales staff access important information quickly, effectively and easily perform customer care.
  • Sales opportunity management (Order management): Software that allows creating and managing sales opportunities, from recording opportunity information, determining potential levels, tracking sales progress, and Important notes. This helps increase your chances of success in converting an opportunity into a deal.
  • Sales process management: The software allows creating and managing the sales process, including stages, actions, and next steps in the sales process. This helps ensure every sales opportunity is handled according to standard processes, from receiving the opportunity to successfully closing the sale as well as managing issues related to customer payment.
  • Sales invoice management: The software allows creating invoices corresponding to each created order. Invoices will be associated with the order code, invoice type and payer information, making it easy for accountants to track. and manage financial transactions effectively.
  • Marketing and campaign management: Software that allows creating and managing marketing campaigns, including email marketing, SMS marketing, Zalo. You can track campaign performance, create and send automated emails, create and manage, and view key statistics. In particular, customer data collection orders for each campaign will be detailed in statistics through an embedded form created directly from the system. This helps manage and evaluate the detailed effectiveness of each campaign.
  • Voucher management: The software allows creating and managing vouchers corresponding to each deployed campaign. Vouchers will be automatically applied to orders that meet the eligibility criteria. The number of vouchers and number of times used will be continuously updated in the system.
  • Set up embedded form: The software allows creating an embedded form attached to the Landing Page to run the campaign. Embedded forms allow users to adjust information fields according to their wishes. Each embedded form will give you an overview of opportunity information and the number of orders collected through each campaign.
  • Security and access rights: The software ensures customer information security and access rights management. You can define access rights for each user, limit access to certain elements, and ensure customer data security.

3. Training management

With system management software, training management has never been easier and simpler. Through this, you can manage teachers, teaching schedules, students’ learning process as well as interaction with parents. Besides, arranging teachers’ teaching schedules and monitoring and evaluating students in each class and lesson is extremely convenient and accurate.

With the teacher management function, authorized users can:

Teacher management: The system allows storing and managing teacher information: name, phone number, working form, qualifications. Besides, editing and updating features are easy and fast. This helps to easily evaluate and classify teachers.
Arrange teaching schedules for teachers, weekly, edit teachers’ teaching schedules for each session. Teachers can view the teaching schedule as well as their position in each lesson. From there, teachers can prepare well for their work schedules and roles.
Teachers will evaluate students’ progress through each lesson. Through this, capacity and development can be assessed in each stage.

With the parent management function, when parents access the system they can see:

The system saves parent information with basic and necessary information: name, address, phone number, etc. Through this information, it is possible to search and filter according to certain conditions. to serve campaigns and marketing programs.
Parent classification: Parents will be classified into different levels based on total payment on the system. Through this, the organization can evaluate the level of spending as well as offer certain incentives to each group of parents.

4. Classroom management

Class management on the system will easily help you manage classes, student lists for each class and branch class schedules.

With classroom management function:

  • Classroom management: The system allows storing and managing class information: branch, class name, class start and end time, class schedule for the week, time of a class session, Maximum number for a class, appropriate age of the class and tuition. Besides, the editing and updating feature is easy and fast, making it easy to search for class information of each branch.
  • List of students by class: Managers will easily know how many students are in the classroom at the branch by age level, and can easily manage information of students by class.
  • Timetable: The system will display the class schedule of all classes at the branches, classes will be divided according to the color of each branch. You can perform a search for each branch’s and each class’s timetable. In addition, Teachers can evaluate each student during their class and the Receptionist can take attendance and subtract the number of students for each class in the Timetable.

5. Student management

With student management function:

  • Student management: The system allows storing information of students: student code, full name, nickname, branch, number of lessons, etc. Besides, the feature to edit and update student information is easy, fast and convenient for searching student information by information fields.
  • Track student profiles, academic history and personal progress, from enrollment to placement and assessment. At the same time, parents can also access and update information related to their children, creating a close connection and interaction between family and school.
  • You can monitor the student’s classes and the status of the students’ classes. Child’s course registration history, payment history on the system. Parents can directly access this basic information.
  • Track students participating in trial lessons of each course, each student’s trial status and trial session payment status on the system.
    The system allows students to transfer branches when they need to transfer to a new branch to study. When transferring branches, the information at the old branch will still be saved on the system. and the remaining lessons will still be automatically deducted when taking attendance at the new branch.
  • For students’ make-up study, through class attendance, the manager can easily see which students are absent and the manager will register for make-up study for the student. At this time, the system will Automatically suggest make-up classes that best fit the student’s break.
  • The checkin – checkout system uses extremely modern QR code scanning technology. With just a scan, your baby’s information will be updated on the system, helping to control your baby’s time. Furthermore, parents can also update detailed information about their children through the automatic notification system. From there, you will not miss important information about your child’s school attendance and learning process throughout the course.

6. Report

Reporting is one of the extremely important features, a powerful tool that makes monitoring the performance of all levels of management the simplest and easiest. With the reporting function on the Mygym system, you can view reports on the following issues:

  • Revenue report: revenue report by branches, from date, to date. Filter by week, month, quarter, year.
    Student reports: reports by number of students, by parents, by course completion, birthdays and trial lessons. Filter by week, month, quarter, year.
  • Sales report: enter sales target, check the effectiveness of the sale in reaching the set target. Sales reports by branches, time from day to day and filtered by week, month, quarter, year.
  • Branch comparison report: branch comparison report by revenue, students and teachers of the week, month, quarter and year.

All of the above reports are customizable over time or can use advanced filters to deliver the numbers managers care about.

7. Configuration

Software configuration is an important part of using the application, allowing users to customize settings and optimize work.

  • Decentralization: implementing employee decentralization in the system, users can only perform operations allowed in their employee role.
  • Configure goods sources: set up sources of goods to create orders, helping users easily manage where orders come from.
    Badge configuration: set up student badges when evaluating students in the system.
  • Promotion configuration: set the conditions for a parent to be promoted.
  • Data configuration: allows users to upload customer files from marketing activities to the system with just 1 operation without having to enter orders multiple times.


1. Increase performance and management efficiency.

The presence of training management system software helps Mygym managers quickly solve complex issues related to human resource and revenue management. With automation, processing information related to parents, teachers’ teaching schedules, order information and sales revenue, as well as managing information about teachers and students has become easier. should be quick and minimize errors when all operations are integrated on the system.

2. Save time

The system allows Mygym managers and employees to easily enter and retrieve information about students, orders, customers or teachers’ teaching schedules, information related to classes…, and at the same time the system Integrating interactive tools such as email, sms and notifications helps users reduce time spent on customer care and improve interaction between the center – students – parents.

3. High information security

Information security software prevents attacks by bad guys and hackers, each Mygym employee, teacher and parent will be provided with a separate ID account to access the system software. .

Mygym education management system software always emphasizes data security features of order information stored on the system, student information, parents and staff to ensure maximum safety and protection for students. user.

4. Easy to use and effective

The system helps Mygym manage information more effectively in storing and managing data related to orders, revenue, information of students, employees and customers in the system.

At the same time, the system also helps operations at branches to be synchronized and connected to each other, creating a logical, tight, complete and easy-to-use system for users, convenient for managers. Mygym reviews work performance through reports related to revenue, students, orders of the center and branches.


Applying a management software system to work brings many benefits to businesses, from optimizing management processes, automating work, to the ability to monitor and report instantly, improving productivity. High level of management activities at work. Not only does it save time and resources, but the system also helps improve organizational performance and manage information more effectively.

With the continuous development of technology and the increasing demand for training and development, training management system software will continue to play an important role in the future. We hope that through the use of this technology, organizations will have the opportunity to grow and accelerate their training success.

If your business is still struggling with the process of managing its system but has not found a solution. Please contact us at BEIT for more advice on management system software, we will help you solve this problem. Contact us immediately via:

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