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Launch an online store and provide a unique shopping experience to your customers from anywhere in the world.

We build high-performance solutions that meet the needs of the e-commerce age. Shopify store development services help brands stay at the forefront of innovation, stay competitive, and overcome challenges. We help companies scale in an environment where market boundaries are blurring, technology is scaling, and sales are made on a global level.

Benefits of using Shopify

If you’re just taking your first steps in online commerce or launching an online store, we’ll help you build your ecommerce business from scratch and start selling quickly under the Shopify platform.

    1. Clear settings and manage

      Shopify is a nifty user-friendly platform that can be customized to meet your online business needs. It is the ultimate alternative for those who are looking for a comprehensive solution without technical difficulties during development.
    2. Secure payment

      Shopify complies with the PCI Standard – Payment Card Industry Data Security Requirements when you process credit card transactions
    3. 3D image

      Use product images and 3D videos to familiarize yourself with product features – increase conversions by up to 250% with visual illustrations
    4. Ability to implement SEO tools

      Shopify will provide access to keyword-driven content – ​​promote your products with smart SEO tools
    5. Customizability

      Shopify addresses the need to build a highly customizable e-store – set up an existing Shopify template according to your needs, change the design, plugins, cart features
    6. Storage

      Shopify is a fully hosted eCommerce platform – maintaining your store’s files and data in the cloud without setting up an on-premises server

Shopify Development Services We Provide


Shopify Headless CMS Development

If you find Shopify functionality too limited for your project, we offer unlimited build solutions. We create a system that can work with several distribution channels simultaneously and does not need to be associated with a specific output.

Shopify website development

To build scalable and data-driven e-commerce stores, we will develop, customize and extend the functionality of your Shopify website. Our team of engineers develop personalized solutions that will enhance your existing web performance and attract new customers to your e-store.

Implement mobile-first design

We will adapt the design to the convenience of the user. Most web traffic comes from mobile devices, and almost all users prefer websites that are optimized for mobile gadgets.

Multi-language and currency store development

We know how to enable e-store sales in multiple currencies and languages. This feature is very important for businesses entering new markets. With this service, your end customers will be able to shop and pay in their preferred currency and language.

Reformat and move data

We know how to help you if you are looking to migrate from any other e-commerce platform to Shopify / Shopify Plus. We guarantee fast and secure data migration from any platform.

Integrated wholesale channel for sellers

We will develop individual technology solutions with Shopify Plus that will work and synchronize with wholesale channels. You will be able to track traffic and inquiries for wholesale customers and orders through the admin dashboard.

Innovative UI/UX Design

Our experts have strong background knowledge and innovative approaches that allow them to fully understand your product’s goals and strengths. Our experts will develop convenient, interface-friendly solutions.

Ongoing support and advice

Your online store is not a product, but a service that needs continuous improvement. We provide our clients with the advice and support resources to keep your business running.

Third-party application integration

We provide clear integrations with third-party apps, marketing software, inventory and order management platforms, ERPs, and any other platforms to meet the needs of your management system.

Website Speed ​​Optimization

Building an online store on the Shopify platform is the standard of correctness and responsiveness to user activity. The loading speed of resources, categories and individual blocks will always please your customers.

Deploy registration

The e-commerce subscription service model is assessed by McKinsey as a $12 billion to $15 billion industry. We know firsthand what subscription service models look like, so we can help you implement this tool in your e-commerce business. We are an official RechargePayments partner and cooperate with BoldCommerce.

Set up ERP system

We provide secure integration between the ERP system and the Shopify platform or app. This synchronization helps businesses have an overall view of their processes and improves decision making across the enterprise.


The main range of technologies we use


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that covers the entire product or inventory management cycle – from shipping and distribution to content management and payments. The platform is a cloud-based solution, which means that all data is safe and there are no technicalities involved in developing and hosting an online store. Additionally, Shopify is marketing-friendly, as it offers SEO features and ecommerce analytics. This is the best decision for a quick start to an online business.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is an omnichannel enterprise platform. It offers customization features, payment page management, and high-level support. This is the right choice for large e-com sites with more than 10,000 transactions per minute.


Strapi is a headless CMS that provides an API and content management system for corporate or e-commerce websites. It includes quick setup, easy expansion, integration with AWS services and email agents. Strapi integrates with Shopify and BigCommerce, maintaining better SEO and content management for websites.


Gatsby is a React-based Framework for developing websites using ReactJS. It offers great SEO optimization and dynamic content implementation.

React JS

ReactJS is a library for creating user interfaces based on components. It enables the development of responsive user interfaces and single-page applications.

Node JS

NodeJS is an open source runtime environment used for traditional websites, Shopify plugin development, and back-end API services.


Our Process

Explore and plan

We analyze current site performance and assess client expectations to get a clear timetable for the project. This will help neutralize the imperfections in the plan, the surprises in the form of lack of work and force majeure.

Theme design service

Now we start to develop the design and theme. You can create a unique personalized design from scratch or use a matching template. Following UI/UX design best practices, designers define the customer journey of your shoppers and create theme designs that take into account company branding guidelines. In the absence of visual identification, the designer will offer many different options.

Development and integration

Our engineers set up shops, develop themes, and build your own custom apps if your business needs extra functionality. Using Shopify, we can integrate the store with all third-party systems and platforms as well as potential sales channels through the API. As a result, we ensure a stable and efficient business process.

Launch the website

We finalize the testing process and start unloading all the files, running a final test to make sure everything goes as planned and is installed correctly. The solution works smoothly, without errors and small children.

Maintenance and support

We support and provide maintenance Shopify website development services that keep your website up to date, free of technical or security issues. This will help your online business prevent errors, reduce errors and risks.

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