Website health – the aspect that businesses are currently overlooking

Website health – the aspect that businesses are currently overlooking

Website health is one of the crucial factors that directly impact the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and customer reach. However, not every business using a website is aware of this fact. So, what exactly is website health? How does it affect marketing activities? Let’s explore the details in the following article.

What is website health?

Website health is the overall condition of a website. It is the optimal state where all aspects of the website function harmoniously and efficiently. Website health is not only about having no errors but also serves as the foundation to maintain, develop, and provide strong support for effectively engaging with customers.

Currently, analysts have numerous metrics to assess the quality of a website. However, when filtering out the key and most important factors, they must include:

  • UX/UI Design
  • Page loading speed, performance
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimization
  • Compatibility with various platforms
  • Security and safety measures.

The current situation of “website health check” in businesses

Despite the increasing importance of websites in business operations and marketing, the current state of website health in some companies is still not receiving enough attention. Many businesses merely build websites for appearance’s sake without fully exploiting the potential value they can bring. As a result, this leads to both wastage and an inability to support overall customer conversion.

After conducting surveys and research, it can be observed that the majority of business websites nowadays encounter the following issues:

1. Lack of professionalism

Some businesses still fail to recognize the importance of having a professional, appealing, and mobile-friendly website. The lack of professionalism in the design and interface of the website can significantly decrease customer trust.

2. Insufficient quality content

Quality content is also a crucial factor affecting website health. Many businesses have not invested enough in providing valuable and useful content for their customers. Content is essential for providing detailed information about products, services, and the value of the business.

3. Lack of search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is extremely important for businesses to target their audience effectively. However, during website health checks, many businesses are found to have websites without proper SEO optimization. This results in their websites not ranking high in search results, causing them to miss out on potential customers.

4. Slow page loading speed

A common issue is slow page loading speed. Users increasingly demand fast and seamless website experiences. If the page loading speed is slow, it can lead to loss of traffic and potential customers.

5. Mobile Incompatibility

As users increasingly rely on mobile devices to access the internet, websites that are not mobile-compatible will lose customers on these devices. However, this is something that many businesses are overlooking.

6. Weak Security

Security is a crucial factor, but many websites still lack the necessary security measures, making them vulnerable to attacks and potential loss of customers’ personal information.

From the encountered issues of these websites, it can be seen that businesses seem to be missing out on the outstanding benefits that a website can bring. Therefore, conducting regular health checks on websites to timely detect and address these issues is extremely important and necessary. Businesses should not overlook this process to optimize conversions from their own website.

Website Health Check based on what criteria?

The website health check is an essential and necessary activity that helps you evaluate the quality and optimization of your business website, whether it provides an optimized user experience, is compatible with various platforms, and is SEO-friendly or not. Below are the criteria to quickly assess the website health of your own business.

Website Interface

The website is the online face of your business. A website with an attractive, professional, and user-friendly design will create a positive impression and instill trust in customers from the very beginning. This helps increase the time users spend on the website and explore more information about the business.

Not only that, a quality website plays a significant role in establishing and reinforcing a business’s brand. The design, logo, colors, and images on the website should align with the brand’s message and values, enhancing brand recognition and memorability.

2. Optimized User Experience

Website health is evaluated by the quality of user experience it provides. User experience includes fast page loading speed, a user-friendly interface, easy information retrieval, and smooth interactions.

This positive experience satisfies users and, at the same time, creates favorable conditions for them to make purchases or engage with the business.

3. SEO and Search Engine Ranking

The quality of the website plays a crucial role in search engine optimization (SEO). A website optimized for SEO will have a higher chance of appearing in search engine results, such as Google. This helps increase organic traffic and potential to attract new customers.

4. Mobile Compatibility

A good website health requires a design that is compatible with mobile devices. Nowadays, the number of users accessing the web through mobile phones is increasing, and having a mobile-friendly website improves user experience and increases the opportunity to reach new customers.

5. Security Capability

Security capability is also an essential factor that cannot be overlooked when evaluating the health of a website. A well-secured website helps protect customer information, complies with legal requirements, prevents attacks from hackers, builds trust and credibility with customers, and ensures the stable and sustainable operation of the business online.

Website Health Check Service at BEIT

As one of the companions in website development with businesses, BEIT recognizes the importance of website health checks in enhancing brand value, asserting position, and optimizing conversion rates. However, many businesses currently lack the necessary resources to perform this task.

Recognizing this, BEIT has brought customers a completely free Website Health Check service with outstanding advantages, including:

Professional process: BEIT’s website evaluation process is carried out professionally and comprehensively, starting with an overall assessment based on factors such as design, page loading speed, SEO optimization, and mobile-friendliness, and then delving into detecting existing issues. This helps businesses identify the problems their websites are facing.

Experienced team: With a team of experienced and qualified staff, BEIT is confident in providing an accurate assessment of the website’s current status and advising the most suitable solutions to maximize issue resolution. This ensures the website’s quality and delivers exceptional value.

The above details sum up the information related to website health. It is hoped that these insights will be extremely helpful in enabling businesses to evaluate the current health status of their websites. If professional and entirely free consultation is needed, do not hesitate to contact BEIT for the best support.

Explore more services from BEIT here.

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